Disability Inclusion

OneStar Foundation is committed to promoting inclusion within National Service, Faith-Based, and Nonprofit Communities. While OneStar's current projects focus on promoting inclusion mostly within National Service and Faith-Based Communities, we would be happy to assist any Texas nonprofit in learning about how to become a more inclusive organization.

As Texas' state service commission, OneStar Foundation promotes capacity building that allows our AmeriCorps Texas programs to be more inclusive for members and encourages people with disabilities to consider AmeriCorps Texas as a strategy towards employment and self-sufficiency. We also train the staff of our AmeriCorps Texas programs on ways to be more inclusive for all members in their national service programs. OneStar conducts research on the climate of inclusion within AmeriCorps*Texas programs in order to guide further trainings and resource development.

In this section of the OneStar Foundation website you will find connections to general resources on disabilities and inclusion as well as inclusion resources tailored to national service settings.

Disability & Inclusion Resources

General Resources


Disability Etiquette Handout

Disability Etiquette 101 (new)

People First Language Handout (english & spanish)

Texas Resources

The Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

Relay Texas (new)

Disability Rights Texas (new)

Federal regulations and the Americans with Disabilities Act 

A Guide to Disability Rights and Law

Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (new)

Rehabilitation Act Section 504: Fact Sheet

ADA Existing Facilities Accessibility Checklist (new)

ADA Standards for Accessible Design (new)

Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

Job Accommodation Network

Employment Challenges and Legal Options (new)

How to Make Presentations Accessible to All

Disabilty Rights Texas: Employment Discrimination Questions and Answers (new)

Disability Rights Texas: Employment Resources (new)

Interviewing (U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy)

Mental Illness

Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace and the ADA (new)

NAMI: Succeeding at Work (new)

SAMHSA: Accommodating Mental Illness in the Workplace (new)

TED Talk: Elyn Saks on Mental Illness

Disaster Preparedness and Individuals with Disabilities

We Prepare Everyday (Video PSA on Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities) 

Preparing Makes Sense for People with Disabilities and Special Needs: Get Ready Now! (new)

Ready.gov: Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs webpage (new)

FEMA: Office of Disability Integration and Coordination webpage (new)

DisasterAssistance.gov: Disabilities and Access or Functional Needs webpage (new)

CDC: Emergency Readiness for People with Disabilities (new)

Inclusion in National Service

Below are specific resources focused on inclusion for a national service setting. Please check back often as we add more resources to our website. If there are resources you would like to comment on, believe we should add, or think we may have missed please contact the Senior Program Manager using the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.

CNCS Disabilty Inclusion Resources: Online Disability Inclusion Topic Courses (new)

Fostering Inclusive Volunteering and Service Learning

Toolkit for AmeriCorps alumni with disabilities transitioning to employment (new)

Disability Inclusion in AmeriCorps brochure "In Texas, Everyone Can Serve"

Disability Inclusion Video: “In Texas, Everyone Can Serve”

2015-2016 AmeriCorps Member Inclusion Survey Summary (TX)

2013 AmeriCorps Member Inclusion Survey Summary (TX)

2012 AmeriCorps Member Inclusion Survey Summary (TX)

National Service Inclusion Project

What do we mean by the term "disability"?

Person-First Language

General Etiquette Tips


Interviewing (National Service Inclusion Project Handbook)

Creating an Inclusive Environment: A Handbook for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in National and Community Service Programs

Section III: Inclusive Service Descriptions (PDF)

Section IV: Inclusive Recruitment and Outreach (PDF)

Section VII: Accomodations (PDF)

Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities in Days of Service and Events

Understanding Disability Regulation (video)

CNCS Accessibility Checklist

Federal Employment Protections for Volunteers with Mental Health Disabilities: Powerpoint


Reasonable Accommodation Reimbursement Requests

Each year, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) makes funds available to help cover the costs of providing reasonable accommodations to AmeriCorps members.  CNCS promotes inclusive service environments, where disability is valued as a part of the range of diversity that exists in the human condition, and persons with disabilities are welcomed and given every opportunity for full inclusion and participation in national service. 

AmeriCorps*Texas grantees are eligible to submit requests for reimbursement of the costs associated with providing a reasonable accommodation to a current AmeriCorps member with a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the ADA Amendment Act of 2008.  To request reimbursement, please click here to review and complete the Reasonable Accommodation Reimbursement Request Form.

For additional questions about reasonable accommodations and/or reasonable accommodation reimbursement requests, please contact Betty Jo Schafer at bettyjo@onestarfoundation.org