Inclusion Team of Texas

OneStar Foundation convenes a statewide network of partners to provide oversight and input on use of the state Disability Inclusion funds from Corporation on National and Community Service. The ITT meets quarterly and has developed a state action plan for 2012 to implement activities related to AmeriCorps*Texas inclusion efforts.  The goals of the Inclusion Team of Texas (ITT) are:

  • An increase in the number of people with disabilities engaged in service
  • An increase in disability organizations that propose service and volunteerism as a valuable option for their constituents
  • A positive service experience for all members through creation of inclusive service environments
  • A clear definition of “inclusion” as it relates to National service
  • An engaged, active Texas Disability Inclusion Team that implements the proposed action plan

Statewide network of partners

To find out more about the ITT or if you’d like to participate as a member, please contact OneStar Foundation.

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