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AmeriCorps VISTA is a highly professional and rigorous volunteer service program, administered nationally by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), through which national service members serve with organizations full-time for one year. VISTA projects focus on building permanent capacity and infrastructure to help more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty.  OneStar Foundation is a grantee of CNCS and partners to place members at host nonprofit organizations and government agencies that provide member supervision and develop focused projects. OneStar provides overall project supervision and logistical support and helps absorb oversight and project management costs. VISTA members receive a modest living allowance and benefits, including an end of service stipend or education award. Investment by the sponsoring organization and the community is fundamental to the project, as the VISTA resources are intended to be short-term. The primary focus of all VISTA programs nationwide is anti-poverty, with five focus areas: Education, Veterans and Military Families, Economic Opportunity, Healthy Futures, and Disaster Services.

To achieve its program purpose, AmeriCorps VISTA operates under the following core principles.

  • Anti-Poverty Focus
    The purpose of AmeriCorps VISTA is to support efforts to fight poverty.  The VISTA project should address helping individuals and communities out of poverty, not simply making poverty more tolerable through short-term services.
  • Community Empowerment 
    Sponsoring organizations must ensure that the VISTA project engages the beneficiary community in planning, developing and implementing the project.  The project must be responsive and relevant to the needs of the community, and should tap into inherent community assets, strengths, and resources.
  • Sustainable Solutions  
    VISTA members provide short-term, human resources to build long-term sustainability of anti-poverty programs.  All projects should be developed with the goal to phase out the need for VISTA members and to strengthen the ability of the project to continue indefinitely.
  • Capacity Building 
    VISTA members do not provide direct services to individuals; rather, they work to increase the capacity of organizations to fight poverty.  Through activities such as community outreach,establishment of volunteer recruitment and management systems, fundraising, and collaboration development, VISTA members mobilize local resources to build lasting solutions to poverty.

For more information, contact:

Glenn Goodrich

Manager, AmeriCorps VISTA

OneStar Foundation

(512) 287-2015