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25 APR 2017

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​Date and Time: May 18, 2017 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Venue:   ACC Highland Business Center
Venue Phone: (512) 223-7111
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Cost: $75 (includes lunch)
Registration is open through May 17, 2017.

Facilitator: Melanie Lockwood Herman, CEO, Nonprofit Risk Management Center in Washington, DC.

People are both the heart and the heartache of every nonprofit mission. This workshop explores the top HR activities and blunders that expose organizaiton to liability, wasted resources, and disgruntled employees.

Hiring Hot Sauce: How to Spice Up Your Hiring Practices & Hire the Best
We all know the motions of employee screening and hiring. So why do our hiring decisions sometimes come back to haunt us? Attend this workshop to reduce blunders and biases in your hiring practices, and increase the odds that each new hire will be your best yet.

Now or Never: How to Stop Putting Employee Onboarding on the Backburner
We can all agree that it’s critical to engage and train employees during their first few weeks or months on the job, yet countless teams are notorious for putting employee onboarding on the backburner. Attend this workshop to hear the impact of common onboarding horror stories and to learn simple, practical ways to revamp your onboarding program today. Stop making excuses and help your new staff excel!

The Gold Stars of Employee Performance Management
Annual performance reviews have garnered all manner of criticisms across the nonprofit sector. Attend this workshop to reflect on the failings of traditional performance evaluations and to learn ‘gold star’ practices that will make performance management meaningful for your people and your mission.

Graceful Goodbyes: How to Terminate Employees with Class & Compassion
Amicably parting with employees can help to maintain your nonprofit’s reputation and employee morale, while reducing the risk that an employee will depart with retaliatory intent to sue your organization. Attend this workshop to learn practical approaches for laying off, terminating and separating employees with class and compassion.