Texas Nonprofit Summit Series

Updates Here Soon on 2019 Texas Nonprofit Statewide Conference

History of Texas Nonprofit Conferences 1977-2009

For over 40 years, OneStar (and our legacy organizations) has hosted an annual nonprofit leadership conference in different cities throughout the State of Texas.  In the early days this statewide conference was known as The Governor's Volunteer Leadership Conference.  Later, as the nonprofit sector grew in influence and strength, the conference became known as The Governor’s Nonprofit Leadership Conference.  Over the years, conferences were held in large metropolitan areas like Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas.  Each conference boasted several hundred in attendance.  

Texas Nonprofit Summit 2010-2015

In alignment with OneStar’s consistent encouragement for nonprofits to collaborate and reduce duplication, in 2010, OneStar partnered with a local nonprofit, Greenlights for Nonprofit Success in Austin, on a combined conference.  (Greenlights had been hosting the annual Crossroads Conference targeting Travis and surrounding counties.)  From 2010-2014 OneStar and Greenlights hosted a joint conference called the Texas Nonprofit Summit.   

Texas Nonprofit Summit Series 2016-2018

In 2016 OneStar launched the Texas Nonprofit Summit Series bringing resources and capacity building tools to more rural regions of Texas. In 2016 sites included El Paso, The Rio Grande Valley and Lubbock.  2017 sites were Wichita Falls, Lufkin and Beaumont.  2018 two summits were held in Orange and Port Arthur, both of which were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. 

2019 Texas Nonprofit Conference

In 2019 OneStar plans to host a single statewide nonprofit conference in late fall highlighting the First Lady’s Texanthropy Initiative with a focus on how volunteerism and philanthropy are strengthening Texas communities.