Texas Covid Relief Fund

Helping Texas communities recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic takes all of us coming together to support our fellow neighbors.

Big Thought

Big Thought

About the Program

Big Thought will have 20 AmeriCorps members who will serve as Opportunity Coaches for middle and high school youth in southern Dallas communities marginalized by institutional racism in the form of mass incarceration, over-policing, and poverty leading to high mobility. At the end of the program year, the AmeriCorps members will be responsible for increasing academic and socialemotional skills and increasing youth agency in preparing for post-secondary education, eventually leading to increased enrollment in higher education and wealth attainment. This program will focus on the AmeriCorps focus area of K-12 Education. The AmeriCorps investment of $198,975 will be matched with $81,821 in private funding.

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