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Meet Evan Rosenblum, BookSpring | VISTA Spotlight

Evan Rosenblum

In our VISTA Spotlight, our OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA members share in their own words about the transformative experience of serving with nonprofits and agencies in Texas working to eliminate poverty.

My name is Evan, and I’m the Fund & Awareness Development VISTA at BookSpring in Austin. Throughout high school and college, I wanted to work in business. I was attracted by what I saw as the meritocratic spirit: the idea that a hard-working young person could do interesting work and be compensated well for it. But when I graduated and entered the workforce, I realized that my abilities and those of my colleagues were being spent on relatively trivial issues (in the grand scheme of things), all of which could be boiled down to one motive: make the company more money.

What if, I asked myself, those resources were diverted towards addressing some of the pressing issues our society faces, instead of helping to make the rich even richer? What would the world look like? Unfortunately, I had no luck convincing my former colleagues to join AmeriCorps with me. But I feel better now knowing that my time and energy are being used to make the world a more equitable place, in whatever small way they can.

BookSpring was a perfect fit for me because reading has been a passion and source of joy for me throughout my life, and a critical tool in helping me see the world from perspectives that are different from my own. I am constantly inspired by the selflessness and ingenuity of my colleagues at BookSpring as they continue to provide books and reading resources to children and families despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.