About Us


OneStar Foundation envisions Texas having the strongest, most effective nonprofit sector in the country.


OneStar Foundation connects partners and resources to build a stronger nonprofit sector in Texas.

Strategies to Accomplish our Mission:

  • Connect: OneStar connects faith-based and community organizations, businesses, government and foundations to resources and information about the nonprofit sector.
  • Promote: OneStar promotes the nonprofit sector, innovative strategies and public-private partnerships to drive community solutions.
  • Convene: OneStar is the statewide convener of nonprofit networks, developing a coordinated approach to building the strongest most impactful nonprofit sector.

Core Values

As we pursue our mission, we are guided by the following core organizational values:


We have a passion for excellence and are committed to exceeding expectations in everything we deliver and how we deliver it.


We are good stewards of the public trust and conduct our business in accordance with the highest possible standards of ethics, transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

Making a Distinctive Impact

We get exceptional results by making unique contributions to our communities, the nonprofit sector, and the State of Texas that are focused on achieving long term impact.


We are committed to being a highly effective, innovative, and flexible learning organization by constantly measuring and continually improving everything we do.


We believe all sectors must work together in addressing today’s social issues, so we proactively encourage meaningful collaboration and cooperation between the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.


We are committed to diversity in all its many forms, including embracing a variety of perspectives and proactively ensuring that everyone can participate – including individuals with disabilities.


We are dedicated to maintaining a demonstrated history of nonpartisanship.


We are committed to making OneStar Foundation an exemplary employer, where our employees are our greatest asset, by embracing a culture of teamwork with open and honest communication, a common vision and sense of purpose, regular celebration of success, courage and perseverance to take risks, personal integrity, continuous learning and empowerment.

OneStar Foundation was created to support the State of Texas by strengthening the nonprofit sector, encouraging civic engagement through service and volunteering, promoting innovative strategies to address local issues and facilitating public-private partnerships to expand the reach of the sector. OneStar is comprised of two separate 501 (c) (3) entities: OneStar Foundation and OneStar National Service Commission. OneStar National Service Commission manages a portfolio of approximately $12M in federal grant funds for AmeriCorps*Texas programs as well as several other federal grant programs to benefit Texans. OneStar is also home to Texas’ Faith-Based and Community Initiative. Texas has thousands of nonprofits, each has a different mission, but we are all working toward the same goal: helping to improve the lives of Texans.