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Texas Faith-Based & Community Initiative

Supporting strong and equitable nonprofit-state agency collaboration

We believe the best way to develop innovative solutions to systemic problems is through collaboration across sectors—and especially between government and nonprofits, which share a mission to promote the public good.

Our state is vast and the issues our communities face are deeply rooted and complex. With thousands of nonprofits—including many faith-based & community organizations—and dozens of state and local government agencies, collaboration across sectors for public benefit can be challenging. That is why OneStar champions the Texas Faith-Based & Community Initiative, a series of activities that support government and nonprofit working side by side as true partners in addressing our social problems.

Leadership in Texas passed unprecedented legislation in 2009 and additional legislation in 2011 and 2013, which created an important framework for supporting collaboration between government and faith-based & community organizations groups. View Texas Government Code Chapter 535 for most current legislation and information guiding the Texas Faith-Based & Community Initiative.

Interagency Coordinating Group

The Interagency Coordinating Group convenes liaisons from more than twenty key state agencies to identify and facilitate partnership opportunities with Texas faith-based & community organizations organizations. OneStar’s CEO is the appointed chair of the Interagency Coordinating Group and provides support to state agency liaisons.

Texas Nonprofit Council

The Texas Nonprofit Council assists and advises the State of Texas with faith-based and community-based initiatives and helps direct the work of the Interagency Coordinating Group. It comprises a body of twelve leaders from the nonprofit sector appointed by the Governor. OneStar manages the Council and facilitates coordination with the Interagency Coordinating Group.

Partners for Texas Resource Hub

Nonprofits—including faith-based & community organizations organizations—can partner with state agencies in many different ways, but it is often challenging and time-intensive to research and identify these opportunities. OneStar has created an accessible online hub with consolidated information and resources on how to partner with state agencies, so nonprofits are equipped to plug into the programs and initiatives where they can make a big impact for our communities.

Partners for Texas Resource Hub is currently under construction. Check back soon for additional details!

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