Texas Covid Relief Fund

Helping Texas communities recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic takes all of us coming together to support our fellow neighbors.

AmeriCorps Texas

Build your human capital—people power—with an AmeriCorps program that expands the reach and impact of your organization in Texas.

AmeriCorps Texas provides funding to support the development and operations of programs that engage individuals in direct service to address critical needs across Texas. AmeriCorps Texas applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Nonprofit, government agency, or community & faith-based organization
  • Requesting AmeriCorps members that will serve solely in Texas
  • Able to support the equivalent of 10 full-time members in the first year of operation, with a plan to scale to the equivalent of 20 full-time members by the fourth year

Planning Grant Notice of Funding

Planning Grant recipients receive financial support up to $75,000 and OneStar training & resources to develop an AmeriCorps program from September 2022-August 2023. Planning grantees are expected to be better prepared to compete for an AmeriCorps operating grant in the 2023-2024 grant cycle.

Operating Grant Notice of Funding

Operating Grant recipients should be prepared to launch an AmeriCorps program with AmeriCorps members starting service in September 2022. All AmeriCorps members must serve solely within Texas. Grant amount awarded is based on the number of AmeriCorps members serving with your program.

AmeriCorps National Consultation

Coordinate with us to maximize your impact in Texas through your national AmeriCorps program.

Organizations that plan to place AmeriCorps members in Texas and either:

are required to consult with OneStar, as directed in the National Community Service Act. Based on our consultation, we provide input to AmeriCorps on applicants proposing to operate in Texas. We are always excited to learn of organizations interested in placing AmeriCorps members in our state!

To initiate your consultation with OneStar, complete America Service Commission’s National Direct Consultation online form below.

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project

Expand your organization’s capacity to fight poverty in your community.

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project places skilled individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds at nonprofits and agencies throughout the state of Texas. AmeriCorps VISTA members serve full-time for one year on transformative, capacity-building projects that mobilize local resources and act as a catalyst for meaningful change for your organization.

We accept applications from organizations to host AmeriCorps VISTA members year round on a rolling basis. Organizations contribute a host site fee of $8,700 per VISTA member. 

Additional AmeriCorps Funding & Resource Opportunities

Explore additional ways to partner with AmeriCorps

In addition to the funding and resource opportunities administered by OneStar, there are additional national service resources available to Texas communities through the Federal agency, AmeriCorps. OneStar believes that national service can accelerate the impact of any organization. If an AmeriCorps Texas grant or hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA through OneStar is not the right fit, check out these additional national service funding and resource opportunities.

For More Information on AmeriCorps Resources