Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund

Donate now to support the families and communities affected by the Panhandle and South Plains wildfires in February 2024. The Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund is administered locally by Amarillo Area Foundation.

AmeriCorps provides people power and funding to build thriving communities.

AmeriCorps brings people together in service—harnessing the passion and enthusiasm of everyday Texans to strengthen communities. AmeriCorps members commit their time to serve with nonprofits, government agencies, and faith & community-based organizations to tackle some of our state’s toughest challenges with hands-on solutions. AmeriCorps invites individuals to serve alongside each other for the betterment of every Texas community.

As the Texas State Service Commission, OneStar is charged with advancing and supporting AmeriCorps throughout the state of Texas. We administer federal AmeriCorps grant funds to address systemic challenges and engage Texans through the power of service. Our staff provides expertise in grant making, evaluation, and advanced training & technical support in order to bring these critical funds to Texas.

Focus Areas

AmeriCorps focuses on these key areas to make an impact.


Our members support students in schools across Texas to improve attendance and academic engagement, increase high-school graduation rates, and expand college enrollment.

Economic Opportunity

Our members build pathways to brighter economic opportunities by providing financial literacy training, assisting with affordable housing placement, and connecting people to employment.

Disaster Response

Our members are trained and are ready to activate during times of disaster in Texas to meet urgent needs, including field operations (e.g., mucking & gutting, debris removal), volunteer and donations management, sheltering operations, and call center operations.

Environmental Stewardship

Our members serve on environmental projects that conserve natural habitats, protect clean air and water, and revitalize hundreds of acres of public lands in Texas.

Healthy Futures

Our members promote the health and well-being of Texans by implementing preventative health interventions, improving access to healthcare, and addressing food insecurity.

Veterans & Military Families

Our members assist veterans and military families by connecting them to education opportunities, benefits, and community. Many veterans also serve with AmeriCorps Texas so they can continue to serve their country.

AmeriCorps Texas

AmeriCorps Texas helps to strengthen Texas communities by engaging diverse and committed individuals in hands-on direct service opportunities to address systemic social challenges. OneStar administers this portfolio of AmeriCorps programs operating solely in Texas as part of the AmeriCorps State and National program.

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) is a national service program designed to build capacity and infrastructure within organizations to fight poverty. OneStar serves as a sponsor organization for AmeriCorps VISTA, placing AmeriCorps VISTA members with host site organizations throughout the state of Texas. Managing an AmeriCorps VISTA Project allows OneStar to leverage additional AmeriCorps resources in creating pathways for individuals to engage and support organizations in accelerating their impact.

Explore Additional AmeriCorps Opportunities

One of the strengths of AmeriCorps is the diversity of program types, ensuring a fit for the unique needs of a variety of organizations. In addition to AmeriCorps Texas and the OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project, there are additional types of AmeriCorps programs that are administered through the federal agency, AmeriCorps. Learn how you can get involved with these programs:

AmeriCorps Alums

Individuals who have served with AmeriCorps have a myriad of opportunities for continued professional growth and community involvement. Check out benefits and ways to stay engaged in the community after your service with AmeriCorps has ended. 

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