Robb School Memorial Fund

Donate now to support the families and community affected by the tragedy at Robb Elementary School.  All donations will be held locally at First State Bank of Uvalde through the Robb School Memorial Fund. LEARN MORE >

Sewa International

About the Program

Sewa International, Inc. proposes to have 34 AmeriCorps members who will carry out disaster preparedness training for children and adults in underserved recent immigrant and refugee communities, provide supplementary language intervention to improve academic performance for children K-12 in those same populations at our ASPIRE OST Centers and on campuses at Alief ISD and Fort Bend ISD, job readiness and adult education to the same populations in our ASPIRE Community Centers and Mental Health Outreach to the same populations in our ASPIRE Community Centers. At the end of the first recompete program year, the AmeriCorps members will be responsible for 900 individuals served with 720 individuals reporting increased disaster readiness; 800 children served with supplementary language intervention and 600 reporting improved academic performance; 300 individuals served with mental health outreach and 240 individuals reporting increased awareness of stressors and self-care techniques and increased comfort discussing mental health concerns; and 450 served with job readiness and adult education services with 360 individuals showing increased knowledge or skills related to seeking, obtaining, or successfully retaining a job. In addition, the AmeriCorps Members will leverage 100 affiliate volunteers who will be engaged in disaster preparedness and response. This program will focus on the CNCS focus areas of Education, Disaster Services Healthy Futures and Economic Opportunity. The CNCS investment of $390,987 will be matched with $0 in public funding and $137,355 in private funding.

Focus Area:
Disaster Services, Economic Opportunity, Education, Healthy Futures
Service Area:
Houston, Sugar Land