Robb School Memorial Fund

Donate now to support the families and community affected by the tragedy at Robb Elementary School.  All donations will be held locally at First State Bank of Uvalde through the Robb School Memorial Fund. LEARN MORE >

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project

Become a OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project Host

OneStar is currently not accepting applications to serve as a host site on our AmeriCorps VISTA Project.

AmeriCorps VISTA advances your mission in meaningful ways to effectively bring individuals & communities out of poverty.

OneStar is currently not accepting applications to serve as a host site on our AmeriCorps VISTA Project.

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project places highly professional national service members with nonprofits & agencies throughout Texas on transformative projects focused specifically on building organizational capacity and infrastructure. Get the support you need to accelerate your efforts in fundraising, research, volunteer recruitment, marketing, and more!

AmeriCorps VISTA members come equipped with the talent and drive to be a game-changer in your work. Through the the OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project, you may request up to five AmeriCorps VISTA members to serve with your organization full-time for one year.

Why Partner with OneStar?

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project is a quick and cost-efficient way to leverage the human capital your program needs to jumpstart new initiatives, while bypassing the complexity and expense of launching and implementing an AmeriCorps VISTA project on your own.

We make it easier for organizations to access national service resources by providing greater flexibility and ongoing support. You can rely on our extensive experience and knowledge of AmeriCorps program management, which allows you to focus on the important work of alleviating poverty in the local community.

How OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project Works

OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project is a cost-share partnership, in which all parties contribute to the success and outcomes of the anti-poverty work at your organization. Investment by the host site and the community is fundamental, as the AmeriCorps VISTA resources are intended to be short-term.

Organizations interested in hosting an AmeriCorps VISTA member through OneStar AmeriCorps VISTA Project must complete a host site application. Host sites may apply for an AmeriCorps VISTA position for a maximum of three years and must renew the position annually. AmeriCorps VISTA members serve for a 12-month term, so the host site should expect to recruit for a position on an annual basis.

What You Contribute

  • $8,700 per member
  • Office space and equipment
    e.g., desk, computer, Internet, phone, and related resources
  • On-site supervision and logistical support
  • Semi-annual program reporting on identified performance measures and grant deliverables
  • Position-specific training
  • Housing allowance
    Optional, but OneStar recommends host sites provide members with $100/month or $1,200/year to promote recruitment and retention.

What You Receive

  • Capacity building services identified as most critical to your organization, including additional volunteers, grant revenue, and/or cash or in-kind donations that your AmeriCorps VISTA members generate for your organization!
  • Full-time AmeriCorps VISTA member(s) to serve with your organization full-time for 12 months. All AmeriCorps VISTA members receive a living allowance and other benefits at no additional cost to the host site organization. Learn more about all of the member benefits.
  • Assistance with recruiting and onboarding AmeriCorps VISTA members
  • Payroll services
    Members receive their living allowance checks directly from OneStar.
  • Liability coverage for all members provided under Federal Employees Compensation Act & Federal Torts Claims Act
  • Oversight & management of AmeriCorps VISTA Project to reduce risk to your organization

Apply Now to Host a VISTA

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