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Hurricane Season Recovery Fund

Equipping Texans to recover from hurricanes through preparation and strategic coordination

In late spring, Texas braces for the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which can upend the lives of up to 21 million Texans and wreak billions of dollars in damage annually. Every hurricane season shatters new records in storm frequency and human impact, and researchers are again forecasting above-normal activity for 2021. Projections predict up to 18 named storms, including as many as four major hurricanes of Category 3 or higher.

We understand that living in Texas means the next disaster is not an “if” but a “when.” While many factors are beyond our control, we can mitigate the devastating consequences of hurricanes through preparation and strategic coordination. The Rebuild Texas Hurricane Season Recovery Fund creates a pathway for you to help communities build resiliency and facilitate a timely recovery for vulnerable Texas households. This fund is a sustainable investment available year-round to help communities prepare, overcome, and rebuild in the aftermath of the annual hurricane season.

Focus Areas

The Rebuild Texas Hurricane Season Recovery Fund will support the relief and recovery efforts of communities impacted by the events of the 2021 hurricane season in five key areas.

Education & Child Care

Revitalizing schools and childcare centers to maintain enrollment, graduation outcomes, and access to higher education


Promoting mental health, wellness, good nutrition and health literacy


Helping displaced individuals and families come home to safe, affordable, and quality housing

Social & Community Development

Bolstering communities and lifting spirits through multi-generational social cohesion, civic engagement, and volunteerism

Workforce & Economic Stability

Mitigating poverty by restoring job and transportation access to get people back to work and individual asset building

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