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Interagency Coordinating Group

Facilitating partnerships between state agencies and faith-based & community organizations

A strong public sector requires government to work closely with faith-based & community organizations to ensure social services & resources are reaching Texas communities.

To encourage these partnerships to flourish and thrive, the Interagency Coordinating Group (ICG) convenes Texas state agency liaisons, who ensure ongoing outreach and collaboration with nonprofits, churches, and other community organizations.

Authorized by the Texas Legislature in House Bill 492 (2009 R) and House Bill 1965 (2011 R), the ICG comprises appointed liaisons representing more than 20 key state agencies that advance partnerships between the State of Texas and local faith-based & community organizations. OneStar serves as presiding officer of the ICG and provides support to state agency liaisons.

The duties of Interagency Coordinating Group state agency liaisons include:

  • Removing unnecessary barriers to partnerships between their state agency and faith-based & community organizations;
  • Providing information and training for state agency employees regarding equal opportunity standards for faith- and community-based organizations seeking to partner with state government;
  • Identifying effective practices for faith-based and community organizations that partner with their agency; and
  • Conducting outreach efforts to welcome faith-based and community organizations that have not traditionally formed partnerships with the agency.

Additionally, liaisons must work together as the Interagency Coordinating Group and in conjunction with the Texas Nonprofit Council to:

  • Develop and implement a plan for improving contracting relationships between state agencies and faith-based and community organizations;
  • Develop best practices for cooperating and collaborating with faith-based and community organizations;
  • Identify and address duplication of services provided by the state and faith-based and community organizations; and
  • Identify and address gaps in state services that faith-based and community organizations could fill.

State Agency Liaisons

Legislative Reports

Check out these reports for an inspiring look at how state agencies have collaborated with faith-based and community organizations over the years to better serve Texans. The Interagency Coordinating Group issues a report for the Texas Legislature each December.

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