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Helping Texas communities recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic takes all of us coming together to support our fellow neighbors.

VISTA Spotlight

Eleni McGee

Volunteer Engagement & Recruitment VISTA

Eleni McGee

About Me

In the context of this unique time riddled with doubt and uncertainty, I was struggling to find a real sense of meaning and direction before a friend of a friend had mentioned that she was applying to a program called AmeriCorps. Succumbing to curiosity and boredom, I logged onto the website to find a myriad of interesting opportunities all tailored to specific niches. I was thrilled and reinvigorated. A lot had changed during the pandemic, but my basic human need to work for something greater than myself had not changed. I was attracted to the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation for its simple yet powerful mission of literacy for all.

As a Volunteer Engagement and Recruitment VISTA, I have learned to always enter with an open mind and look for the opportunity in the most unlikely places. Working with the Foundation’s two auxiliary groups, the YPG (Young Professionals Group) and Ladies for Literacy Guild, I am witnessing firsthand the power of volunteers banding together in unprecedented times. My time as a VISTA has highlighted the things at the core—the things that really matter when you peel back all the layers of life. And for that, I am grateful.