Robb School Memorial Fund

Donate now to support the families and community affected by the tragedy at Robb Elementary School.  All donations will be held locally at First State Bank of Uvalde through the Robb School Memorial Fund. LEARN MORE >

Robb School Memorial Fund joins philanthropic partnership to distribute funds to victims of Uvalde tragedy

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, 2022, OneStar helped support the outpouring of generosity and compassion for the Uvalde community and facilitated donations to  the Robb School Memorial Fund held locally at First State Bank of Uvalde. To date, OneStar has collected more than $4.7 million on behalf of the fund.

Based on the recommendation of a local steering committee comprised of members of the Uvalde community,  the Robb School Memorial Fund, including donations received through OneStar, will join forces with other philanthropic initiatives to partner with National Compassion Fund (NCF). The collaborative philanthropic effort will be called the Uvalde Together We Rise Fund.

NCF is a subsidiary of the National Center for Victims of Crime and a leading national authority on mass-casualty crime.  The organization helps survivors navigate the process of accessing funds in a respectful, dignified, victim-centered manner and also preserves the intent of donors who want to know that their gift is going directly to those harmed.

Details on the Steering Committee, National Compassion Fund, and the Uvalde Together We Rise Fund can be found in the press release distributed by the committee.

Anyone wishing to donate to support Uvalde can continue to give through the Robb School Memorial Fund.  OneStar will coordinate with the National Compassion Fund to ensure all donations are directed to the Uvalde Together We Rise Fund for distribution.