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We Are One Texas: Defining OneStar’s New Vision, Mission & Beliefs | A Letter from the CEO

OneStar Vision Mission & Beliefs

Around this time last year, I was laying out ambitious plans for a fresh start with the dawning of a new decade. I think we can all agree that 2020 did not go as expected! Despite the many challenges we have encountered this year, I am proud of how OneStar and our partners have responded—including launching the Texas COVID Relief Fundcoordinating research efforts on the impact of the coronavirus on Texas nonprofits, and pivoting our AmeriCorps programs to meet evolving community needs.

This year, OneStar also embarked on a strategic planning process. The extraordinary circumstances of 2020 have pushed us to reflect deeply on our values and examine what is at the core of our organization, and our favorite part of the process has been hearing from you. A key theme that emerged from our stakeholder interviews was that you appreciate the support and guidance that OneStar provides but struggle to find a succinct way to communicate what we do. The feedback was unsurprising: OneStar wears many different hats, and we pride ourselves on being responsive and adaptable, which often leads us to take on unexpected roles and responsibilities.

But as we look ahead to facing new and complex challenges together, your insight spurred us to ensure our new purpose statements provide greater clarity on how OneStar can best support your work in strengthening Texas communities. I am excited to share with you our new vision, mission, and beliefs that will guide OneStar into its next chapter!

VISION: We are One Texas, united in building resilient and thriving communities.

This new vision statement reflects our desire to see Texas communities built on the compassion and cooperation of its people. Texas is an immense and diverse state, and as we celebrate our unique differences, we also want to reinforce our shared desire to make Texas a better and more equitable place for all. As we have witnessed from the events of 2020, we know that there is a long journey ahead to make this vision a reality, but we have also witnessed Texans coming together in the most difficult of circumstances.

MISSION: OneStar strengthens Texas communities by creating pathways for individuals and organizations to engage, connect, and accelerate their impact.

This year, many of us felt helpless as our lives and the community around us were turned upside down, which can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. OneStar exists to empower you in times like these to take action and create meaningful impact. I have spoken with many friends and colleagues who are looking to 2021 as a fresh start for a brighter future. I too share in the hope that things are going to get better, and I believe OneStar has a role to play in harnessing this optimism and enthusiasm to create lasting change.

BELIEFS: We can all make a difference | We are stronger together | We can accelerate impact | We lead by example

OneStar’s belief statements reveal our core assumptions about the power Texans have as individuals and as a collective to create change. During this holiday season, I invite you to reflect on these beliefs with us and consider how you can be a part of shaping the world around you.

These purpose statements will guide our priorities for 2021 and beyond, and I am excited to share new initiatives and tools in the coming year that are designed to facilitate Texans coming together and help you engage more deeply with your community – stay tuned! On behalf of the OneStar family, I wish you a safe and healthy holiday season and bright new year!