Texas Covid Relief Fund

Helping Texas communities recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic takes all of us coming together to support our fellow neighbors.

Board & Staff

At OneStar, we model the leadership we hope to see in our communities and are committed to always doing our best work for our fellow Texans.

With decades of combined experience in nonprofit, national service, philanthropy, government, law, business, and other fields, our team combines our diverse perspectives with strategic thinking to deliver creative and collaborative solutions for Texas communities.

To learn more about our people, see the directory below.

Our Board Members

OneStar is guided by two boards whose members are appointed by the Governor of Texas.

The OneStar Foundation Board (OSF) oversees the mission and vision of OneStar to improve the lives of Texans. It also provides administrative and support services to the National Service Commission, a nonprofit corporation affiliated with OneStar and managed by the OneStar National Service Commission Board.

The OneStar National Service Commission Board (OSNSC) promotes volunteerism in Texas and oversees the administration of the AmeriCorps programs for the state as prescribed and authorized by AmeriCorps.

Austin (Vice Chair, OSNSC)
San Antonio (Secretary, OSF)
Raymondville (Vice Chair, OSF)
Dallas (OSF)
Beeville (OSNSC)
Frisco (OSNSC)
Manor (OSNSC)
Forest Hill (Secretary, OSNSC)
Cedar Park (OSF)
Corpus Christi (OSNSC)
New Braunfels (OSF)
Dallas (OSNSC)
Conroe (OSNSC and OSF)
Midland (OSNSC)
Austin (OSNSC)
El Paso (OSNSC)
Houston (OSNSC)
TEA Designee (OSNSC)
Weatherford (OSF)
Silsbee (OSNSC)
Austin (OSNSC)
Dallas (Chairman, OSF)
Houston (Chairman, OSNSC)
Fort Worth (OSF)

Our Staff Members

Program Officer—AmeriCorps Texas
Program Officer—AmeriCorps Texas
Grants Officer—AmeriCorps Texas
VISTA Leader—AmeriCorps VISTA
President & CEO
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Program Specialist—Nonprofit Strong
VISTA Leader—AmeriCorps VISTA
Director of Operations
Director of National Service
Communications Officer
Program Specialist—AmeriCorps Texas
Senior Grants Officer—AmeriCorps Texas
Manager—AmeriCorps Texas
Director of Community Affairs
Program Specialist—AmeriCorps VISTA
Manager—AmeriCorps VISTA
Outreach Officer
Program Officer—AmeriCorps Texas