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National Service Matters | 2019 AmeriCorps Texas Symposium

The 2019 AmeriCorps*Texas Symposium was held Tuesday, February 26 to Wednesday, February 27, at the Commons Conference Center in Austin, Texas, with two post-Symposium tranings available on Thursday, February 28.

National service is an important way for individuals of all genders, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, sexual orientations, faith backgrounds, and physical and mental abilities to give back in a meaningful way to their communities. Texas and Texans are better because of the choice that thousands of people make every day to give back through national service. National service is important. National service matters. National service includes.

AmeriCorps*Texas Symposium was a time for program staff to re-energize, re-focus, and re-connect on why National Service Matters. The overall goals of AmeriCorps*Texas Symposium were to ensure that participants:

  • Clearly understand CNCS requirements from a programmatic, fiscal, member management, and grant administration perspective.
  • Have an opportunity to connect with OneStar staff to address questions and share challenges & successes.
  • Have an opportunity to meet, connect, and collaborate with their peers in national service.
  • Increase understanding that when a program is set up and managed well, they are able to focus more intentionally on ensuring a meaningful and positive service experience for their members. A positive member experience will help lead to higher enrollment and retention, allowing the program to increase their impact in communities served.
  • Are energized by the impact of national service throughout Texas and return to their programs with increased motivation and inspiration.