Texas Covid Relief Fund

Helping Texas communities recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic takes all of us coming together to support our fellow neighbors.

Texas Nonprofit Council

Advising the state on faith-based & community initiatives

Nonprofits have unique insight into the needs and experiences of Texans and are an important voice for local communities.

Authorized by the Texas Legislature in Senate Bill 993 (2013 R), the Texas Nonprofit Council is comprised of up to twelve leaders from the nonprofit sector who provide front-line perspective and insight to state agencies. Council members are appointed by the Texas Governor and meet regularly, often in coordination with the Interagency Coordinating Group, to direct their work and help to fulfill joint requirements.

The Office of the Governor is currently making appointments to the Texas Nonprofit Council. If you are interested in strengthening Texas and the nonprofit sector by serving on the Council, OneStar encourages you to learn more and access application materials at the Office of the Texas Governor’s Appointments page.

The duties of the Texas Nonprofit Council include:

  • Making recommendations for improving contracting relationships between state agencies and faith-based & community organizations
  • Developing best practices for cooperating and collaborating with faith-based & community organizations
  • Identifying and addressing duplication of services provided by the state and faith-based & community organizations
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in state services that faith-based & community organizations could fill.


Texas Nonprofit Council will be appointed by the Texas Governor in spring 2021. Check back soon for a list of appointed members.

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  • Organization Name
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Legislative Reports

The Texas Nonprofit Council reports to the Texas Legislature biannually in December when active. Check out previous reports for an inspiring look at how nonprofit leaders inform best practices in state agency collaborations with faith-based and community organizations.

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